Managing a modern school has never been easier

A Simplified Approach to Capturing, Analyzing and Managing School Information System with Terminal Result Processing, Inventory/Sales Management and Detailed Financial Accounting
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The Bright Features

A simple, smart & proven features of high performance SchoolPETAL

Admission Management

Captures data for each new student and immediately creates a profile for the student

Result Management

processing terminal results of all students for unlimited number of terms

Transcript Processing

generate transcript showing terminal result of a student for up to fourty (40) terms

Student Profile

student’s bio data, academic information, records results, history of payments

Statistical Dashboard

Statistical summary of all school operations icluding financial transactions.

Expected Fees Calculator

Automatically compute the expected fee for each student based on their classes

Extra Performance

Some extra core features available in SchoolPETAL.

Financial Accounting

Processes all financial records to produce standard and valid format reports in form of daily, weekly, monthly, terminal and annual summaries as well as detail breakdown.

Automatic SMS Reminder

The system calculates the expected fee for each student at the beginning of the term and with a single mouse click sends SMS containing details.

Graphs and Progress Charts

Generates pictorial charts and graphs showing progress of important school metrics such as fees paid, stock sales, financial details.

Performance Benefits

The system is designed to provide an exciting user experience.

Simple & Light

The system runs from the cloud at a supper high speed.

Stunning Design

Simple, smart and beautiful design with lovely illustrations.

Super Responsive

Customizes to any device, be it computer, smartphone or tablet PC.

Bug Free Framework

The design is free of bugs and has a way of eliminating errors.

10+ Color Variations

Bright colours to meet the colour specification of your school.

Retina Ready

completely creative, lightweight, clean & super responsive digital display.

How does it works?

We provide a simple step by step installation solution

View a SchoolPETAL Demo

Peruse through the software demo to confirm the features.

Select Desired Plan

Select a payment plan that suits your need and size of school.

Payment and Setup

Make payment and setup your account within minutes & start using it.

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